It seems like a lifetime ago, but back in March, 2013, former Labor Party leader, Simon Crean, called on the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to hold a spill allowing Kevin Rudd to challenge, the only problem being that Kevin Rudd was not ready. Crean had apparently missed a text message from Rudd that said his position had not changed, Rudd did not have the numbers to lead a successful challenge.

I have compiled the day’s media statements and press conferences. Anything that I have not uploaded myself will be accompanied with a link to the source.

Simon Crean calls for a spill (via NewsOnABC).

The Prime Minister calls spill for 16:30 that afternoon (via NewsOnABC).

Kevin Rudd says he will not stand.

Chris Hayes, Returning Officer.

A short statement from the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, press conference.

Simon Crean speaks with Leigh Sales.